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This is Kathryn

  Hi, my name is Kathryn Grace. I'm a surface pattern designer. My husband and I are raising our family in a small town in Idaho. We love cooking up new recipes in the kitchen and exploring the outdoors. Capturing the beauty of everyday life is my passion. When I'm not at work, I can be found in the garden with my kids or in my living room dancing with my toddler to old records. Magnolia trees and orange groves are a part of my Oregon and Southern California roots that I draw inspiration from.


  I do surface pattern designs, custom stickers, graphic design, logos, and seasonal window paint. I love connecting with other artists and sharing knowledge and ideas. I love to see my work on products in stores and in people's homes and businesses but the real fun, I think, is working with people to create the styles and products they are aiming for. If you see anything you like in my portfolio or you would like some custom work please feel free to contact me.

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